You will need
  • - Partition Manager.
Turn on the computer and hold the Delete key. After opening BIOS menu, highlight ' Use Default Settings and press Enter. Now click Save & Exit. It is necessary to save the changes and exit the BIOS menu.
To format a hard drive in several ways. If you have the ability to connect the hard drive to another computer, then follow this step. Turn on this PC and wait for loading the operating system. Click on "My computer" by pressing simultaneously the keys and Win E. you Click with the right mouse button on the tab of the hard drive you want to format.
Click "Format" and click "Start". Repeat this procedure for any other partitions on your hard drive. If you do not have the ability to connect the hard drive to another computer, the install program Partition Manager. She'll need to format the system partition of the hard disk, because this procedure cannot be performed from Windows.
Restart the computer and run the Partition Manager. Open the menu and select "Format the partition". Click "Next" in the opened menu. Select the hard disk partition that you want to clean. Click "Next". Specify the file system type of the future section. Assign it drive letter and label if required. Click "Next" and "finish".
Click the "Change", located on the toolbar. Click "Apply changes". After some time a window will appear, containing a proposal to restart the computer and continue the operation in DOS mode. Click "Restart now". After some time, the computer's hard drive will be completely formatted.