You will need
  • installation disk Windows XP or Seven
One of the most reliable ways of formatting partitions on hard diskand connect it to another computer. Disconnect the hard drive from your PC and connect it to a second computer as a secondary. Turn on the computer and wait until the operating system starts. Open "My computer", select the diskand that you want to format, click the right mouse button and select "Formatting". Specify the file system of the future net section. If you are planning to install a new operating system, it is best to choose NTFS format.
If the ability to connect hard drive to another computer, then format it before installing the operating system.When it comes to Windows XP, start installation process and wait for the window to select the partition driveand where you plan to install the system. Be aware of the fact that the installer of Windows XP does not allow such operations with hard diskω as creating, deleting, or changing keys. Select the area on which you will install Windows and click Next. You will see a window with a choice of several options. Select "Format in NTFS (Quick)".
How to format <strong>disk</strong> before <b>installation</b>
In the case of the operating system Windows Seven all the more interesting. Setup this version allows you to delete, format and create new partitions on your hard disk. Wait until you are prompted to select the partition to install the operating system. Click on the words "setup disk". Scroll to the desired section of the hard drive and click "Format." If you wish, you can create a new partition or modify existing ones. To do this, remove one of the partitions and create some new ones.
How to format <strong>disk</strong> before <b>installation</b>