You will need
  • - boot disk with distribution kit Windows 7.
Before proceeding to reinstall the operating system, move all the important information on another partition of the hard disk or on a flash drive.
Next, you will learn the process of installing the operating system for example Windows 7. Accordingly, you will need a bootable disk with the OS distribution. Before installation the drive must be in the optical drive of your computer.
Turn on the computer. Immediately after turning on press F8. Alternatively, there may be other keys such as F5, F2. In General, finding the right you will be able, by brute force. After pressing the right keys you will get to a BOOT menu.
In this menu select your optical drive and press Enter. After that, press any key. The drive is activated and will begin the process of installing the operating system. You will see a download file window.
The next window displayed "Installing Windows". In this window you can choose the time format input language. After selecting these options, click "Next". In the next window, click "Install". Then, check the checkbox "I accept the license agreement" and proceed further. Select "Full installation".
After that, a window will appear that will list the hard disk partitions. Click on the system tab left click of the mouse. Then click with the left mouse button on the option "Format" (located on the bottom of the window). After a few seconds the drive will be formatted. Again click on the system partition with the left mouse button, and then click Next.
Further, the process is almost completely automated. You almost don't need anything else to do, except that you will need to choose a username and password (if you wish) and also some settings of the Internet (if connection available).