Review the work of assigned units, refer to the methods and technologies used in the work, consider how they can improve. Break the whole process into process blocks that can be charged to perform different groups of people. Decide what you are in and what needs to get to the exit.
Get to know the staff of their unit closer. Determine the actual degree of competence and experience of each. Look at their character and behavior, examine the psycho. Knowing this, you can predict how it will behave in different situations a staff member what kind of job can he charge so it was for him the most suitable and consistent with his psycho. Compose with this in mind, working groups in which each will complement their colleagues psychologically, to optimize workflows.
Talk to each of your employees, explain how important his work and creativity in the processing chain performed by your unit. Tell us about the expectations you have on him, particularly in regard to prospects. Your employees should feel that much depends on them, that they can participate in the discussions, which take the final decision. This is one of the most powerful incentives for each employee.
Your task is to unite all the subordinates in a team, to the area of its responsibility, and any felt the importance of performed tasks. Conduct regular briefings on the unit that the workflow has been discussed and the work of each was in sight. In this case, the colleagues won't allow employees to operate poorly or poorly.
Motivate your staff fairly and reward them financially. Everyone should be sure that the value of his work depends on the quality of work. Don't amuse self-esteem, by encouraging flatterers, do not start favorites. This will contribute to a calm working atmosphere in your Department and make a positive impact on productivity.