Shouldn't be having in the team a special relationship with the elected "Pets" and do not encourage informal relations between you and the staff must always remain distance.
If you are dissatisfied with the conduct or act of his employee that all claims to it speak alone, but the need to encourage public.
Any conflict should be resolved as early as possible, do not over tighten and do not drive it inside, it's not the solution. Try to listen to all sides and make a decision that satisfies everyone.
The failures related to the work, not only the fault of the executor or executors, the blame for this falls on you. As a leader, you must clearly know the capabilities of each employee and give them such instructions, with which they can cope.
Don't encourage unhealthy rivalry, it excites the whole team and prevents the coordinated work. Heaped praise on the, albeit deserved, the only one. Try to notice and publicly to encourage the diligence of each.
If your slave is not able to reciprocate, don't call him "you".
Eliminate any possibility of flirting with subordinates, do not put yourself and them in a dependent position.
Interested in the personal lives of their employees, but in moderation, don't forget to congratulate them on their birthdays and other important events.
Explore the psychological characteristics and capabilities of their subordinates, they do charge higher difficulty to this stimulated their further professional development.