Pay special attention to recruitment. To prevent is easier than to try to fix this. Of course, professional qualities are important, but you need to take into account the traits. Even if at the interview the applicant gives the impression of arrogant, arrogant, aggressive person, he should refuse. Also, do not hire someone who openly declares that at the last work place was constantly in conflict with the collective.
Try to provide employees with comfortable working conditions. If the person is annoyed because of the constant troubles at work, inconvenient vacation time, low wages etc., he is unlikely to be inclined friendly to communicate with other members of the team. Pay special attention to the arrangement of the workplace. Table and chair should be comfortable to the end of the day the employees do not suffer from back pain. Let the staff brought from home close to the heart things and to execute their jobs. So the office will be for employees second home, and the team will respond as a family.
Organize office kitchen and break room where employees can mingle in an informal setting. Let the interior of these rooms will be cozy and even homey, so that workers could relax and talk as colleagues and as friends. Conversation over coffee during the lunch break, strengthen relationships and help people to bond.
Be sure to conduct total events: celebrate with the staff of the New year, employees ' birthdays, and other holidays from time to time go along on hikes or for picnics. Such events cannot be turned in boring meetings, which prohibited not to be. Let the holidays are fun, and the staff attend to them with pleasure and by choice, not by order. Make a stand and hang on it the names of the employees, which a few days would birthday. Colleagues will be able to see this information, prepare the gifts and greetings that will also contribute to the improvement of the psychological climate in the team.