State the Central theme of the meeting. As a rule, the staff meeting is conducted by one relevant reason. This can be, for example, the analysis of the work of the organization for the year or the transition to shorter working hours.
Consider the agenda. The items will be specific issues that need to be discussed. There should be at least two and no more than five. Place the questions on the degree of decreasing importance. If the theme of the collection is quite extensive, the last item, put "Different". Here you will be able to slightly deviate from the main topic and discuss small problems of concern to the team at the moment.
Prepare speakers. For each item on the meeting agenda needs to be a competent employee, whose opinion is considered in the collective authoritative. Warn him about the upcoming report for the 1-2 weeks that a person could consider your message. 2-3 days before the meeting talk with each speaker, make sure that the text of his speech is ready and match the theme.
Prepare the room for the meeting. Well, if your organization has an Assembly hall or other room equipped for meetings. Otherwise, use the largest room. On the day of the meeting there will need to install a sufficient number of chairs, to connect and configure the projector, computer and microphone if they will be used. You can also pre-arrange for each participant of the meeting, special document folders, which will be discussed.
Inform all staff about the date, time and place of the meeting. Use one of the traditional methods: publish information on the Bulletin Board, send an email, call the chiefs of structural divisions, talk personally with each employee. Your choice will depend on the traditions of the company and number of employees.
Before the meeting register attendees. This list that you later apply to the Protocol. Start the meeting certainly in the time that was scheduled and which was announced to employees. Don't wait for latecomers, show the importance and seriousness of the event.
Declare the main topic of the meeting and the issues to be considered there. Invite the team to choose the Chairman and Secretary of the meeting. As a rule, the Chairman elect the Director or his Deputy, and the Secretary – clerk or office Manager. The Chairman will conduct the meeting to maintain order and to follow the rules. The duties of the Secretary include keeping detailed Protocol: recording of speakers ' presentations, issues, discussions and suggestions.
Stick to the established speaking time, otherwise, your collection runs the risk of delayed until midnight and still not make any decisions. As a rule, the main speakers have at their disposal 15-20 minutes, but not more than 30. The co-rapporteurs, acting on the minor issues, should be installed in 10-15 minutes. The contestant from the audience ohranyaetsya 2-3 minutes. To answer the question can be no more than 5 minutes. In case of exceeding the time strongly remind about the rules.
Once the meeting agenda is exhausted, and everyone spoke briefly summarize the meeting. If you had taken important decisions, their project must be read aloud to all present.
Within two days after the meeting, you should prepare the final version of the Protocol and decisions. Protocol to be agreed and signed by the Chairman of the meeting. Decisions and deadlines should be disclosed to all employees who have to implement them.