The use of flexible working hours gives you the opportunity to bring trusted case to its logical conclusion without regard to time. The benefits of such a timetable due to the fact that not all members of the team to "fine-tune" under the generally accepted norms of work organization. Some of the workers on their "internal clock" belong to the "lark" part – night owls; someone comfortable working remotely and to provide the results via e-mail, and for someone the office atmosphere is perfect for maximum labor calculations. Certain responsibilities are associated with trips outside the organization that allows you to change the exterior and relax from the bustle of the office. Taking into account the needs and biological characteristics of each employee allows to accelerate the solution of production problems, to improve communication, foster a sense of belonging to the values of the company.

The creation of a group on the revision of cases – a way to protect the interests of employees who have been punished. If the representatives of the same profession can apply to the Union to report violations in the industry, at the level of specific organizations the presence of one type of control – administration – looks like a mockery. How can a employee ask for a "pardon" those same people who accused him of that, or other misconduct? Disinterested and therefore objective, the authority group on the review of cases – consists of employee representatives and managers, which excludes the one-sidedness of the decisions taken.

An evolutionary step in the organization of work is providing employees with opportunities to participate in enterprise management. On the one hand, it relieves managers, on the other, gives personnel a sense of real influence on the activities of the company. For this purpose quality circles, groups with special tasks, self-regulating group. Feeling increased responsibility, employees are not engaged in a search for defective products, and by preventing the production itself. Specific tasks within the group helps to avoid delaying the production process. To determine the delay factor, to eliminate it, to systematize the conditions under which the work is done in the best way the specific features of target groups of workers.

The awareness of the employees the value of their labor – the way non-stimulation performance. Responsible for the trusted range of issues and activities of other members of the group disciplinary and does not allow to treat carelessly. The increasing importance of personal contribution to the development of the company contributes to the formation of relations of interdependence between team members and management.