Good relations within the team, which fruitful cooperation is one of the main activities of the Manager. For the successful solution of this task, the leader must know the strengths and weaknesses of their employees, their preferences, and be able to competently distribute duties and delegate powers to, among colleagues to avoid conflicts and disputes.
The leader is very important to show sincerity in words and actions, because employees often broadcast precisely the approach the leaders. Psychologists also recommend that top executives frequently communicate with his team, support his initiatives, track and counter the negative trends: conflicts, quarrels, etc.
To rally the team is easier if people share common socio-demographic characteristics – age, gender, education, experience, marital status. But it happens quite rarely, because the work of taking, based on different principles. To rally the team in this case, to help with various activities.
Rallying the team events can be divided into two groups. The first group is directly connected with professional activity. The leader has to arrange for its employees participate in various seminars and conferences, conducting business games, brainstorming, discussions, etc. All these events contribute to the exchange of experiences, opinions, ideas, with the result that colleagues get to know each other, they begin an informal relationship.
The strengthening of informal relations in the team contributes and the second group-building activities – holiday parties, sporting events, anniversaries, trips, etc. you can organize Them in the office or outside it, and there can be different holidays, anniversaries or employees of the company, successful completion of the transactions, etc.
At the solemn part of these measures it is necessary to focus on what to achieve success was only possible thanks to the joint efforts of the whole team. Be sure to note the individual contribution of some individuals to stress the importance of their work for the entire company.
A great event for team building is team building. More often, team building refers to sports competitions, team games and competitions, but it can be fun events or psychological training, aimed at training employees to interact and solve problems together. Team building promotes the emancipation and the convergence of colleagues and leaders, it helps to look at the team and define the roles of workers ("leader", "generator of ideas", "contractor" etc), which further allows better control of labor processes.