Remember that paint Igora possess exceptional texture that allows you to quickly and easily mix any shades. Table colors staining developed on the basis of those palettes that take professional barbers. They are designed to provide maximum comfort when applying the paint to achieve the desired colour result.
Before mixing paint Igora, find out which shades you will get a result how to behave like a single color in combination with others. Long known that dark hair weight hair, make it more massive. But this effect can be easily avoided if you add when painting blond hair. This will give the best hair shade, which will emphasize the relief of hairstyles.
If you decided on a paint mixing Igora yourself, the first thing you need to know what shades of colors are very different. Color can be warm, cold, thick, juicy, airy, heavy. Paint you want to mix, can not belong to one color. They can be contrast, but then get ready because your hair will be very original.
If you think hair colored in one color, look dull, feel free to experiment. Strands, painted in different shades of colors Igora, can adequately emphasize the line of hair and even hide some imperfections of face shape. But remember that here the main thing not to overdo it. Keep not only the sense of taste and style, but also a sense of proportion.
Before you start to mix different shades of Igora do not forget that the main role in their selection to play your natural hair color. It was from him will depend on the result of staining. Must be very subtle feel to the color scheme to make the hairstyle really stylish and interesting.
Don't forget that when mixing shades is very important and length of regrown after hair coloring. Because the color of the roots and the tips may differ significantly. So pick up the intensity of the shades of Igora in accordance with this factor. As you can see, despite all the advantages of paint Igora, blending its colors and shades is no easy task. So, if you are not too confident in their abilities, trust the professional to not be disappointed.