You will need
  • - money to send;
  • - Bank account details of the recipient;
  • - the passport.
Get a Bank account of the person whose account you are going to fill up. They should contain surname, name and patronymic of the account holder, account number, details of the Bank - organization name, branch name where the account was opened, BIC, correspondent account, foreign banks SWIFT code also. The customer account number must be specified in the service contract concluded with the Bank and other details can be obtained either on the Bank's website or in one of its branches - they are in the public domain.
Come to the Bank where you opened your account. You can choose any branch. But first it is necessary to clarify the working hours.
Contact your Bank officer. He will give you the necessary forms to fill in which you must specify the name, surname and patronymic of the account holder and his Bank details and the amount you want to transfer. If you fear they may make mistakes in account numbers, pass a paper with the details of the Bank employee and he will be able to carry this data for you. Also present employee of a financial institution, your passport and your account number or Bank card.
If you do not have enough money in the account, replenish it. Also don't forget that the account should be the amount of the transfer plus the fee for money transfer.
After the completion of banking transactions will receive a receipt for the translation and keep it up as long as the recipient will not receive their money. The transfer may come the same day and may take up to three working days depending on the Bank and turned you back at the beginning or at the end of the day.
If you do not have a Bank account, the scheme of the translation is the same. But you need to find a Bank that does money transfers without opening an account. Such financial institutions include, for example, through VTB24. "Binbank" or "Moscow credit Bank". Pre-specify a fee for the transfer, it can be found on the website, in the Bank or on the info line. Select the best offer and come to the Bank with passport and details of the account go to send money.