You will need
  • money.
  • - details of the recipient;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • Bank account connected with an Internet client.
The first thing you need to make a Bank transfer - details of the payee. You can transfer money to your account in the same or another Bank , or for the account of another person or organization. But in any case, the organization through which you make payment will be required, the name or title of the recipient, the number of the accountand certain information about the Bank (at least the name and BIC, and when transferring money abroad - the IDs of the Bank of the recipient for international transfers).Room expenseand you must inform the recipient. If the recipient is yourself, learn it in the Bankwhere you're going to do the translation. Details of any credit institution for transfers within the country and from abroad can be found on its official website.
If you have a Bank account connected with an Internet client, the easiest way to make a payment without leaving your computer.
Select system interface select "payments & Transfers" (or otherwise close in meaning. Enter in the opened form with all necessary information: the number of the accountand Bank details, transfer amount, purpose of payment. Details and room expenseand it is better to copy from the source in electronic form: the Bank's website, from the letter of the recipient or the provided file with a number accountand from the Internet client your accountand that transfer, if any.
Give the system a command for making a payment. Pass additional identification when prompted: enter in the appropriate field of your password, payment password, a variable code from a scratch card or other identifier provided for the purpose by the Bank.