Fresh fish carefully gut, remove the gills, do not wash, just wipe with a rag. Then RUB inside and out with salt, ground black pepper, wrap with cheesecloth and hang it on draught. Thus treated the fish out of the refrigerator can be stored for about 3 days.
Place the fish in a container of cold water, put on medium heat, bring water to vigorous boil, then remove from heat and store in a cool place. The shelf life of fish about 7 days.
Take fresh fish, overlaid on all sides by kelp, garlic, fresh stinging nettles, wild garlic and place in a cool place. Shelf life - up to 5 days.
Fish clean, gut, wipe dry, especially inside, wrap with absorbent paper, after a good soaking it with salt and dried. Then each carcass, wrap in dry cloth. Shelf life – up to 5 days.
Cut the fish, sprinkle inside and out with coarse salt, then wrap in a cloth, pre-moistened with sweetened vinegar (1 piece sugar 0, 5 liters of vinegar). The shelf life is 3-5 days.
Fresh fish is cleaned from the innards, wash thoroughly, wipe with vinegar, and put on 10-15 minutes in salted water. A shelf life of approximately 5 days.
In okolozemnoi space fresh fish put a small piece of white bread soaked in vodka. Shelf life is 3 days.
Carcass fresh fish a good RUB with salicylic acid powder and wrap with a towel soaked with vinegar. Shelf life – up to 15 days.
Fresh fish, gut, wash in water and sprinkle with sugar at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 1 kilogram of fish. The sugar should melt and soak for 3-4 hours. Shelf life – up to 7 days.
The oysters were perfectly preserved without a refrigerator for about 5 days if placed in a cool place and cover with moss or algae.