You will need
  • 1. 1 tsp of salicylic acid, a towel.
  • 2. Milk.
  • 3. A clean towel vinegar.
  • 4. Salt, pepper, gauze.
  • 5. Parchment paper, vinegar 9%, salt.
  • 6. Box, dry sand or sawdust.
  • 7. Water, pot.
Meat can be stored without refrigerator 3-5 days. To do this, mix one teaspoon of salicylic acid with 0.5 l of water and mix thoroughly. Rinse meat thoroughly under running water and separated from the bones. Moisten a linen napkin or towel in the solution and wrap the meat. The longest-stored beef and lamb. Less pork and poultry meat.
The second method of storage allows you to not spoil meat within 7 days. The meat is thoroughly washed, put them into a glass dish. Pour fresh milk, cover with a clean towel and put in a dark cool place. The milk will curdle and will not allow the transmission of air to the meat. Acid contained in milk will create unfavourable conditions for the formation and life of bacteria. Before cooking the meat thoroughly rinse and dry with paper towel.
In order to save the bird for several days, you need to prepare the vinegar and a clean towel. Liberally soak a towel with vinegar and wrap it the bird. As the drying towel to moisten it again in vinegar. Remember that it is better kept neotrogena game than gutted.
Fresh fish is cleaned from the guts, remove the gills. The fish washing is undesirable, it is necessary to wipe dry with a clean towel. Inside and outside to RUB the fish with salt and pepper, wrap in cheesecloth and hang in the draft.
The butter will remain, if it is folded in a glass jar and pour vinegar 9%, so that it covers the entire surface of the oil. You can save the oil by another way within three weeks, the butter cut into small pellets of approximately 200 grams each piece and wrap in parchment paper. Next you need to stack the briquettes oil in an enamel bowl filled with salt water (1 tbsp salt per 1 liter of water), cover the plate and deliver the goods. To store better in a cool dark place.
Eggs to touch and put in a box with the pointy end down. The eggs should not touch each other. Pour all the dried up sand, sawdust or wood ashes. It is necessary to store in a cool place.
Cucumbers perfectly preserved, if they lay down in the pot with tails down and pour cold water on ?. The water changes should be every day.