The easiest way is to put salted herring in a glass jar and pour the brine in which it is solinas. Doesn't matter, sliced if you have herring or are you going to keep it in solid form, as long as the brine covers it all, leaving the top pieces on the air. Without the brine, they quickly dry up and lose its taste.
If the brine is not enough, prepare for herring special fill. Bringing beer to a boil, add black pepper and Bay leaf. Cool. Pour beer in a jar with a herring on top of a thin film pour vegetable oil and close the jar with parchment paper (in any case not a nylon cap). This is quite an old method of preserving herring fresh not on the same day.
One of my grandmother's recipes: the cleaned and gutted herring cut into pieces, lay in a glass jar. Pour vegetable oil or a special fill-a marinade of mayonnaise, herbs, onion, mustard and vinegar (in its sole discretion choose a combination of ingredients). However, the stored salted fish can be no more than 3-4 days. And the taste of herring, of course, will change significantly.
There is an effective way of storing salt herring for a long time, which many Housewives do not realize. Clean the fish, slice it, put it in a container and put in freezer. Surprisingly, after thawing at room temperature this herring can immediately bring to the table, lightly sprinkled with lemon juice and add vegetable oil. None of the guests can not tell the thawed fish from fresh, and most importantly – it did not lose its taste (as it is used in the fill). Store in the freezer salted herring is recommended only in a purified form and not more than 6 months.