The freezing of fish as a way of preserving

To deliver fresh fish to the Russian shops, it has to be frozen and transported in special refrigerated trucks. This method of preservation is almost does not affect the quality of fish, provided that the technology of freezing is observed, as well as the technology of its storage. In industrial freezing of fish used the quick method when it is cooled to very low temperatures within cryohydrate point of a solution of salts and nitrogenous substances contained in its tissues. With this method do not violate the structure of its tissues, and sharply slow down the processes of vital activity of microorganisms and tissue enzymes and oxidative breakdown of fats contained in fish.

In shops the fish is also stored in specially equipped premises, conditions which allow to guarantee the original quality of this whimsical production. Buying frozen fish at the store, you can continue to store it at home, but you must understand that household refrigerator and freezer will not be able to provide those conditions which are created using special industrial equipment.
To defrost the fish you want, put it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. If you defrost it at room temperature, cook it immediately after the process ended.

How long can you keep frozen fish

Frozen now implements almost all kinds of fish, so you can always buy it for a particular dish which will be eaten after some time. Shelf life and storage of frozen fish at home depend on the type of fish and temperature, which ensures the freezer and method of freezing. So, the glazed fish are stored on average a month longer than fish, frozen naturally, and freshwater fish can be stored longer than the sea.
It is impossible to defrost the fish in the water, especially in flowing, you will lose many of its nutritional properties.

But the product has retained its freshness, keep frozen fish in the freezer more than six months, and when it is a fatty fish, its shelf life is reduced by half, if you don't want to eat food from it with a strong fishy. Fish during storage must be tightly Packed in a plastic bag or wrapped in cling film to exclude access of air to the body. And remember that the second time the fish you have thawed, place them in the freezer is impossible.