Especially cooking salmon

Fresh salmon is a real treasure the most valuable substances which is able to ensure the full functioning of the human body. But since fish is a perishable product, the question of how to ensure its proper storage and the maximum to preserve all the nutrients contained in it, is very important.

Salmon, purchased chilled, it is possible to pickle and podkoptit cold way, because that is how you can keep all of these substances, which are lost during the heat treatment and even when improper thawing of fish. Salted salmon is cooked fairly quickly acquiring a distinctive delicate taste and aroma.
If you regularly include in your diet salty salmon, improved vision and brain function, reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and improve the condition of hair, nails and skin.

How to preserve salted salmon in the fridge

Ready salted salmon can be stored in the clear in the refrigerator for a very long time – 7-10 days. To keep it tasty, wrap the salted fish in a piece of wet cloth dipped in a weak solution of vinegar, and put it in a plastic bag, which must be tightly closed, so it did not penetrate the air, and the fish are not soaked extraneous smells.

You can also slice salted salmon in small pieces and fold it up tightly tamping in glass jars. Salmon can pour pieces of Bay leaf, sprigs of dill and freshly ground black pepper. Pour on top of the fish, a little olive oil and a well, close the jar tight fitting lid. As such, the salmon will last 25-30 days without loss of taste and quality. But when you want to store it for a few months, you'll need a freezer.
The traditional way of storing salmon used in the North: every piece of salted fish cut in half and between the halves is laid a piece of butter.

How to preserve salted salmon in the freezer

For freezing in the freezer or the freezer of the refrigerator is best, if the pieces of salmon are quite large. Do not clean them from the spice if you sprinkle the fish with them for pickling, but lightly Pat the pieces with paper kitchen towels, so they were not wet. Each piece tightly wrap with cling film, trying not to leave air bubbles. After that, the pieces can be folded up in a plastic bag and tightly close it. If possible, use a mode of freezing. As such, the salmon can be stored for 6 months, but try to eat it early because then it becomes dry and loses its specific flavor.