To knock down the fumes helps the greens. For a while the breath can be chewed parsley or dill. Saves you from fumes and Laurel leaves, only to chew it is not very nice. Bay leaf can be replaced with brew loose leaf tea. It is useful to eat fatty soup and drink grapefruit juice. Chewing gum gives temporary effect, but from the variety of flavors to choose a fruit, not mint, which only increase the odor.
Short-term effect of rinsing with salt solution. In a glass of water dissolve 0.5 or 1 teaspoon of salt and rinse mouth thoroughly. To maintain results, repeat the procedure several times a day. To neutralize the fumes will help the lemonade with mint and honey. Cut into cubes lemon wedge thickness of 5 mm, RUB in the hands of a few mint leaves to give juice. Put all in a glass of water and add 0.5 or 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix well and put a couple of ice cubes.
If you have a party with lots of alcohol, think about the possible consequences in advance. Not alternate liquids of different colors and degrees. Try not to exceed their "normal", and even better, and does abstain from alcohol. If no alcohol was involved, before going to a party, drink a glass of milk. When the festivities come to an end, take a couple of tablets of activated charcoal. Fume will be weaker if the day before not to abuse cigarettes.
Find recovery from fume in the pharmacy. There you will be offered plenty of effervescent tablets from a hangover or a persistent odor of the mouth. However, they are not capable of 100% to save you from odor for the day. If you've tried plenty of money, and fume, as there seems to be almost gone, yet beware of getting behind the wheel, otherwise the last mistake will result for you an unpleasant surprise on the part of employees of traffic police.