You will need
  • - Pickle, tea or coffee;
  • - coffee beans;
  • almonds;
  • - Bay leaf;
  • - cinnamon;
  • - carnation;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - seeds;
  • - greens.
We must not forget that food helps to reduce the smell of fume. Even if you experience morning nausea and a strong hangover, you need to force yourself to eat something. For starters, you can drink a glass of pickle juice, a Cup of green tea or fresh coffee. After that should prepare a light Breakfast, which further minimizes the smell of alcohol.
Any tool used to combat the smell of fume, are only effective within an hour or two, after that it is necessary again to resort to their help. This time is usually enough to get to and from work, passing with success the traffic police post. Before you leave home, carefully brush your teeth, then you can use one of the options to minimise the smell. If you have a home coffee beans, take a few pieces, chew them well, they will keep in your mouth the resulting slurry, and swallow.
Almonds – a great help in eliminating the alcohol smell. Chew a few grains nuts and swallow that will be enough to have a few hours to forget about the fume. You can use Bay leaf, but keep in mind that its use may provoke an attack of nausea. But Lavrushka well interrupts the alcohol smell. First it needs a few seconds to hold it over the gas to the edge of the leaf is slightly charred. The resulting ashes put under the tongue and allow to dissolve for several minutes. Remnants of a sheet periguete and swallow.
In a normal house you can find a large variety of media that effectively fight the fumes. These include cinnamon, which is necessary to dissolve for three minutes. A side effect of this recipe – pronounced taste of bitterness, which lingers long in the mouth, but for the sake of eliminating unpleasant smell, you can go to such extremes. Dried clove buds have similar properties. Chew a few pieces, hold in mouth for three minutes and swallow. You can resort to the help of vegetable oil, although far fewer will force myself to drink after a hangover 50 milliliters of this natural remedies from the fumes.
Some people try to cope with the unpleasant odor of chewing gum than only exacerbate the situation. Gum doesn't eliminate smell of alcohol, but only strengthens it. Much more efficient and safer in this situation is to use roasted sunflower seeds which will save you from the fumes for two to three hours. A good helper in this problem may be the greens. Chew a few parsley sprigs, celery or dill.