Advice 1: As accustomed to dry food kitten

Kitty demands attention no less than the child. And they have similar problems: how to feed, he grew up healthy and active. Dry food provides kitty with all the necessary nutrients, and the owner or the owner saves time.
As accustomed to dry food kitten
You will need
  • 2 bowls: one for water and one for feed
Dry food based on hydrolyzed meat with vegetables, minerals and vitamins. Food is balanced, and when feeding dry food to cats do not need additional vitamin feeding. Keep only those that the cat was always a bowl of fresh drinking water. Dry food is easy to store, it does not savedlevels in a bowl.
Dry food has different manufacturers. For kitten choose feed only super premium. This food really consists of natural ingredients. Unlike forage mass market, which can consist of by-products. On the packaging of food for kittens is the inscription Kitten&Junior, and age 1-12 months or 2-10 depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers write on the package "For all ages". This does not mean that food is bad. But such feed pellets are too big for those just beginning to eat on their own kittens. Familiarity with food, it is better to postpone up to 6 months. Optimal forages for kittens are: Hills, Lams, Eukanuba, Pro Plan, Acana ( for grown kittens). On the packaging must indicate the dosage of feed for every age.
Transfer the kitten to dry food should be gradual and not before 2 months of age. At this age the kitten is fed fractionally several times a day in small portions. Dry food start to give the soaked in water in one of the day feedings. During the week you see the reaction of the kitten to a new food: if there is discharge from the eyes ( sign of allergies), is it normal chair, cheerful is the kitten. If the introduction of feed passed without changes, the number of feedings dry food gradually increased. By 6 months the kitten should be fed 4 times a day. In one of the feedings can be given wet food of the same manufacturer. But rather, it should be regarded as a treat.

Advice 2 : How to teach your cat to dry food

Translation cat homemade food to dry food very often results in problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In order to avoid this, you need to change the diet for your furry pet.
How to teach your cat to dry food
You will need
  • seven days;
  • -quality dry food.
First and foremost, you must know that all changes in diet should be gradual. Accustom the animal to the new feed should be done in seven days.
In the beginning it is necessary to take some dry food and soak it in a small amount of water, then mix with the usual food your cat. Every day the share of soaked feed should be increased.
If you give your pet a meat broth, then the feed can be soaked in them, not in the water.
On the 4th day try not to soak the food, and just pour it into a plate of homemade food in the ratio 50: 50.
On the fifth-sixth days proportionally increase the amount of dry food and decrease the food home.
On the seventh day, pour into a bowl of just dry food.
During the period of training of a cat ready to feed follow the chair. With the correct translation it should not change radically. If your pet has diarrhea or constipation, you should consult with a veterinarian - it is possible that this food is causing allergies in your cat or just poorly digested.
When choosing a dry food, you should know that only feed premium are balanced and do not require the introduction of additional solid foods. Keep in mind that if you choose the food economy class, in addition to the dry food should give your cat extra food and vitamin supplements.
When it comes to feeding cats high quality dry food should not be additionally introduced into the diet of vitamin and mineral supplements, as these feed all these substances are present in the correct proportions.
Useful advice
If you decided to move the cat on dry food, remember that the animal with this diet require much more fluid, so be careful to have your cats in a separate bowl have always been fresh and clean water.
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