To feed the newborn kitten every two to three hours during the first three weeks. For feeding you will need a special horn for feeding the mixture. All of this is easily you can buy in any veterinary pharmacy. If you do not find the horn, you can use a conventional syringe without a needle. The mixture should be heated to 40 degrees, then pour into a cone or syringe and start feeding.
Try not to overheat the mixture, the hot mixture is more dangerous than cold. The third week the temperature of the mixture should be about 30 degrees. If the kitten is only a day or two, you will need 3 dice mixture, then the number should gradually increase, and by the fourth, the fifth day can reach up to 10 cubes. After feeding necessarily need to mimic the licking. It stimulates the digestion. For this you will need a wet brush or rag.
Home for the kitten. Kitten need to create all the conditions that its development took place without delay. For baby need a warm house that can be built out of the usual box. Line a rimmed bottom and sides with a warm cloth, use a heating pad, electric. The box top cover is paid fabric that would not penetrate into bright light. In the first week the temperature should vary between 31-32 degrees. Gradually over three weeks to lower the temperature, bringing it closer to room. Of course, these days there are special incubators for kittens.
As they get older the kitten, the interval between feedings you need to increase and by the third week completely stop the night feeding. And the fourth baby should eat. To understand whether you feed your kitten, weigh it. The day kitty needs to add 5 to 7 grams every day, that is 35 – 50 grams a week.
Don't forget to clean the kitten. Wash him, brush his fur, paws, ears, tail. For this fit the usual wet wipes. To wash a kitten after feeding, and once a day to do the full procedure. Take care of the coat you can with a toothbrush, making massage the calf to improve circulation.
To grow a new kitten, you will need four, five weeks of attention and care. And then little pet will pamper you with its rumbling!