Advice 1: How to nurse a kitten

What to do if your cat has abandoned the kittens or you have sheltered a helpless little kitten? How to reach this kid? In this situation you will have to take on the role of a cat – mother-and to nurse a baby. The kitten like a child constantly needs feeding and care. And only with your participation this kitten will survive.
How to nurse a kitten
To feed the newborn kitten every two to three hours during the first three weeks. For feeding you will need a special horn for feeding the mixture. All of this is easily you can buy in any veterinary pharmacy. If you do not find the horn, you can use a conventional syringe without a needle. The mixture should be heated to 40 degrees, then pour into a cone or syringe and start feeding.
Try not to overheat the mixture, the hot mixture is more dangerous than cold. The third week the temperature of the mixture should be about 30 degrees. If the kitten is only a day or two, you will need 3 dice mixture, then the number should gradually increase, and by the fourth, the fifth day can reach up to 10 cubes. After feeding necessarily need to mimic the licking. It stimulates the digestion. For this you will need a wet brush or rag.
Home for the kitten. Kitten need to create all the conditions that its development took place without delay. For baby need a warm house that can be built out of the usual box. Line a rimmed bottom and sides with a warm cloth, use a heating pad, electric. The box top cover is paid fabric that would not penetrate into bright light. In the first week the temperature should vary between 31-32 degrees. Gradually over three weeks to lower the temperature, bringing it closer to room. Of course, these days there are special incubators for kittens.
As they get older the kitten, the interval between feedings you need to increase and by the third week completely stop the night feeding. And the fourth baby should eat. To understand whether you feed your kitten, weigh it. The day kitty needs to add 5 to 7 grams every day, that is 35 – 50 grams a week.
Don't forget to clean the kitten. Wash him, brush his fur, paws, ears, tail. For this fit the usual wet wipes. To wash a kitten after feeding, and once a day to do the full procedure. Take care of the coat you can with a toothbrush, making massage the calf to improve circulation.
To grow a new kitten, you will need four, five weeks of attention and care. And then little pet will pamper you with its rumbling!

Advice 2 : How to feed kittens without a cat

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that a newborn kitten cannot be fed mother cat to have to take the man. To nurse the kitten is a very responsible and difficult job, will need to prepare a special meal, to ensure proper care for cat young. Feed kittens without cat need for special method as close as possible to how it makes the cat.
How to feed kittens without a cat
You will need
  • pipette
The most important component in feeding a little kitten milk. Just replace the cat's milk to any other will not work. Milk of any mammal is only suitable for them. If you compare the cat with cow milk, it turns out that the protein it contains in 10 times more, so the mixture for the power of kittens is further added components containing proteins. For the mixture used basis – cow's or goat's milk (80%), which is added egg white (20%). All you need to very carefully mix until completely smooth. It happens that cow's milk is the kitten is not suitable, then can use powdered infant formula, intended for infants. Breed them two times thinner than specified by the instructions for feeding a child age 1 to 2 weeks.
Every day kittensand will eat a little more milk than the previous day. They grow food and they need more. Whether there are enough kittens in theam have food, it is easy: after feeding they need to fall asleep. If kittensand sucking their thumbs and whining that they are hungry.
Very young kittens are fed with a pipette or a syringe without a needle, you can use a very small nipple. If you feed the kitten with a syringe and pipette, adjusting the feed rate of milk it is you, so take your time, otherwise the kitten may choke.
Let kittensam blend of warm, but not hot. The first week the temperature of the mixture should be 38-39 degrees, with 8 day – 30-32 degrees. Prepared for feeding the composition cannot be stored more than 1 day, otherwise it will deteriorate. All pipettes, syringes, bottles and nipples every day you need to wash and boil.
As part of feed the kitty? The first 2 days of a newborn needs to feed every 2 hours including night. The next 2 days every 2 hours during the day and every 3 at night. After 5 day feeding is every 4 hours. When the kitten turns 3 weeks, you can feed him less during the day and stop feeding in the night. With about three weeks of age they begin to feed other foods: low fat cottage cheese, meat baby food, passed through a meat grinder meat.
Beginning with months of age the kittens are taught to eat from the bowl. For this spread kitten milk mouth and then show him a bowl. He wants to have, and learn to lap from it.
The main indicator of whether you feed the kitten, will be how quickly he gains weight. Healthy kittensand recover approximately 100 g per week (may be slightly less or more). Newborn weighs approximately 100 g. If you notice that your little pet is not improving and little growing, then he's either ill or he lacks power.
For young kittens normally go to the toilet 2-3 times a day.
Useful advice
Cat is constantly licking his children, and it is necessary not only in order to clear them. Thus it massages the internal organs kitten, stimulating their activity. To help the kittens to adjust the digestive system, take a piece of wet thick cloth and wipe them. View, as a mother cat washes kittens from friends or on the Internet – and massage them as well. This way you can help the kittens.

Advice 3 : How to care for newborn kitten

Unfortunately, life can be that newborn kittens are left without their mom. In this case, on the shoulders of the person has an enormous responsibility in the initial care of a kitten and its further education.
Caring for a newborn kitten - it is responsible!

A newborn kitten alive a little happiness!

It is important to know that kittens are born blind and deaf, but they have a pretty strong sense of touch and sense of smell. Kitten in their first hours of life looking for cat nipples, and on the fourth day can own paws to stimulate the flow in your mouth mother's milk. In this lies the whole difficulty of the initial care for a newborn kitten!

The fact that mother's milk is no substitute for the best way out of this situation is the substitution of the cat-nurse. But here you can face difficulties: many cats refuse to feed other people's kittens are starting to bite them. In this case, the person has, at whatever cost, to bring up a small and defenseless creature on their own.

How to feed a newborn kitten?

Since cats are mammals, then in its first days of life a newborn human needs solely in milk. In principle, in the absence of a cat-nurse, this will do, and the usual packaged milk from the store. Just do not skimp on price – the best choice would be milk medium (2,5%-3,5) or high (6%) of fat. This product it is necessary to add a pinch of sugar (or DAB of honey).

Then the milk should be slightly warm (up to 30 ° C) and start feeding the animal. In the first days of life, a kitten he needs to be fed milk every 2-3 hours, i.e. day and night. In every day dairy serving should be increased to one teaspoon. After 10 days in the diet of a kitten gradually introduce cereals. Their preparation identical to the preparation of gruels for infants. Feed the kitten should be from a small bottle with a nipple. In no case do not try to feed the animal an eyedropper or even a spoon!

A month later, the kitten can digest meat, but feed him to the only diet varieties. Meat rolls the ball-a crumb the size of a pea, then gently placed in the baby's mouth. It should be noted that greatly inspire a little kitten meat is not necessary, as this may adversely affect its digestive system. No need to rush the kitten is, you must patiently wait until it gets chewed up meat. At the end of 7 weeks, you can transfer the baby on a complete food for kittens.

Caring for a newborn kitten

Not enough to be able to feed newborn kittens. They should be able to care. For example, the kitten need to wash. However, to do this need not, as in the case of a child: it will be enough just to wipe its coat with a damp cloth. No shampoo! Kitty needs a place to sleep. It is necessary to make a special "nest".

"Nest" can be a crate or a box, allows you to maintain warm temperature inside, because the kitten is still very small and weak, he needs extra warmth. It should be noted another point: usually kittens warms their mother – they pressed against her warm body. Since mom's gone, you will have to use a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. And again, if possible, no need to take a kitten on hands very often, because for him it is a real stress.
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