The amount of the deduction reduces the taxable base or the amount of funds which you have had tax deducted. Therefore, to receive from the state refunded the taxes you can not complete the amount of the deduction, but only 13% of this amount, that is only what you paid in taxes. Thus, you will not be able to obtain the amount of the tax deduction more than paid in taxes. For example, 13% of 1,000 rubles, 130 rubles. In this case, you will be able to get 130 rubles if paid for a year the same 130 rubles in taxes.
If you paid less taxes, then you will be able to return, only that paid. The remaining amount you will be able to get until next year, because the tax property deduction when buying any real estate, unlike many other deductions that can be translated into future years. In addition, the calculation must consider the limit of deduction established by the law. If the limit of deduction, for example, is 2 million rubles, then your deduction cannot be more, and a tax return also will not be more than 13% of the limit of this deduction. In this case, the amount of the tax deduction is equal to 260 thousand rubles.
For sale of own property (a car or real estate), the value of the tax deduction depends on how much it belonged to you in time, and also of the amount prescribed in the contract of sale. However, if you owned the property 3 years or more, anything considered not necessary. Under the deduction automatically gets the full amount of the transaction. If this property is purchased before 3 years, the maximum tax credit will be 2 million rubles for real estate and for everything else no more than 250 thousand rubles.
Thus, in order to calculate the amount of tax deduction you need to count on its help 2-personal income tax, which taxes you paid to the state. Then the required amount from which you want to receive a tax deduction (e.g., you paid for training of 30 thousand rubles), subtract 13%. After the produced data, map the results.