You will need
  • - the transaction price when selling property, buying property, or payment of interest on the mortgage;
  • calculator.
The size of the tax deduction at sale of property (real property, car, etc.) depends on how much time you belonged to it, the property was sold or other assets and the amount in the contract of sale.

If you owned it 3 years and longer did not have to consider. Under the deduction gets the full amount of the transaction automatically.
If less, the maximum size of the deduction of 2 million roubles for real estate and 250 thousand for everything else. When the transaction price is above these amounts, your deduction is 2 million 250 thousand rubles, respectively. When lesser is the amount specified in the contract of sale.
The same situation if you bought a property and informed of the right to a deduction on this basis is not used. If the apartment is cheaper than 2 mln. R., a deduction equal to the amount you paid for it (strictly for the apartment, the Board of notaries, realtors and other fees do not count). If more expensive, the amount due to you deduction is above 2 mln. R.
Special case - the interest on the mortgage. To calculate this deduction, take the printout of the Bank for their payments, indicating the percent of a separate line. If the statement is monthly, add up all the values in the corresponding field. This will be the amount of the tax deduction for which you may qualify.
And now the most interesting question is how much money you can not pay or if the tax has already been paid must repay the state.

In the case of sale of the property which you have owned for more than three years, or less, but gone is cheaper 2 mln. R., if it is real, and 250 thousand in all other cases, can not be considered. Just don't pay tax with this deal.

If the property that you have owned for less than 3 years sold more named amounts, subtract them from the price of the property sold (under contract of sale) and escalate tax from what is left.
If the purchased property cost you 2 million p. and more expensive due the refund amount is equal to 260 thousand rubles At a lower price it is considered on the whole amount of the transaction. The same goes for mortgage interest, a deduction which is in addition to relying in connection with the purchase of real estate.
Considered return tax on the same principle, and payable: the amount in one case of a deduction and the other with taxable income or part thereof fall under the tax, is divided by 100 and multiplied by 13, or calculated 13% of it using the calculator.