In order to apply for a tax deduction, you will need to provide the tax authority at the place of residence the following documents. First, you must write a letter to the head of the institution about obtaining a tax deductionand the purchase, construction or mortgage lending. You must have the original certificate of title to the apartment a contract of purchase and sale, act inthe EMA and transfer of the apartment, all the payment documents confirming the fact of transfer of money (receipt of the seller, a copy of the payment receipt of the fee receipt withjednym orders, cash receipts, etc.).
These documents whenput the Declaration of income for last year and the loan agreement, if the apartment if youacquired a mortgage. The point to issue tax deduction is only when you receive official salaries. Take the employer a certificate 2NDFL on wages and when youattach it to the rest of the documents.
If you want to get a tax deduction at the place of work, you don't have to fill in a tax return. The staff of tax inspection on your claim in 30 days give you hands on help on the situation of the benefits. This document is if youcarry in the accounting, and on its basis you do not deduct income tax within a certain time. The certificate is issued for the current period, and every year you need to renew it.
Therefore, all documents need to be provided annually to the tax authority to confirm your eligibility, as long as the money is paid.If when youfound the apartment not pay you, and, ifmeasures, the employer, the tax deduction you are granted. The Statute of limitations for the tax deductionand is not included. If annual salary is a lump sum deductionand the payment transferred to the next year.
Tax deduction you can get once in a lifetime. If the apartment is bought in joint ownership each co-owner is entitled to a deduction, calculated on the basis of 50% of the size of the apartment cost.
To issue tax - deductible to the apartment through a tax deduction is beneficial when you don't want to know about it a wide range of people, you work several jobs, you need a large sum of money at once.To make deduction at work good when you get a small salary, or, on the contrary. When you have a greater wage, then you get the whole deduction faster.
If you apply for a tax deduction on apartment purchase using mortgage, in addition to the loan agreement, you must provide a statement from the Bank about the interest repaid for each year, a statement of cash flow for repayment of the loan from the moment of its design until today.
After that, the tax authority will review your application with inapplication and provide an answer within three months from the date of application. The funds can be obtain at the expense in the same period for the current year. Each year you must renew your right to benefits, and provide a new package of documents to the tax authority.