A tax deduction is an amount that reduces the amount of income from which the tax applies. As a General rule, the taxable base is 100 % of our income, and paid tax of 13 %. It is possible to return when buying a home, and it can be done only once in life.
To return, you can only the tax that you paid to get longer. For example, if you have paid 50 thousand rubles of income tax in favor of the state, this is what you get. The remaining amount will be transferred to the next year, because property deduction in accordance with the legislation is transferred to future periods. The limit of deduction of 2 million rubles, and returned to the tax may not exceed 13 % of it, i.e. 260 thousand rubles. If the apartment you bought was worth less than, say, 1 million rubles, then to return you will only be able to 130 thousand RUB. And the back taxes are paid only at the rate of 13 %.
The maximum size of a property tax deduction is 2 million. for property purchased in 2008 and subsequent years. Prior to that, he was $ 1 million RUB to Return also, the income tax and the amount of interest paid. Their maximum size is not set.
To receive a tax deduction in two ways: at the end of the year that you expect to the tax, or for him. In the latter case, you will receive it from the employer. To gave you a deduction, you must contact the tax office and submit a Declaration 3-personal income tax, write a statement and submit the documents pertaining to the transaction (the contract of purchase and sale of real estate, certificate of ownership, the loan agreement, if the property was purchased with a loan, etc.). After checking all the documents the amount of tax paid will be returned to your account whose details also need to submit the tax.
If you want to get a deduction at the employer, you will need to take in the inspection notice of right to a property deduction. It is necessary to submit the same documents as in the first case. After receiving the notification, the employer will be obliged to deduct income tax before the end of the year.