You will need
  • The tax code of the Russian Federation.
Define the tax base – the amount of the employee's income that is subject to personal income tax at a rate of 13%. It includes the majority of payments: salary, bonuses, vacation pay, temporary disability benefits, financial assistance, in excess of 4000 rubles, compensation for use of personal vehicles, etc.
Please note that some employee benefits are exempt from tax. These include the amount of financial assistance for child birth, not to exceed 50,000 rubles, travel expenses, including per diem from calculation of 700 rubles a day spent at business trip in Russia and 2,500 roubles, abroad, benefits, maternity, or other grounds listed in article 217 of the RF Tax code.
At the next stage determine the amount of tax benefits on income of physical persons that are entitled to the employee, i.e. tax deductions. For employees affected by exposure to radiation in the accident at Chernobyl or Mayak, who participated in elimination of consequences of invalids of the great Patriotic war, military personnel who became disabled as a result of military action, provided the monthly deduction in the amount of 3000 rubles. The right to benefits on personal income tax in the amount of 500 roubles for each month are Heroes of Russia and the Soviet Union, persons disabled since childhood and disabled persons of I and II groups, parents and spouses of dead soldiers and other categories of persons specified in article 218 of the tax code.
If the employee has children, monthly deduct from the tax base for 1400 rubles for the first and second child, and 3,000 roubles for the third and subsequent children up until the amount of the income exceeds 280,000 roubles. For a lone parent, use double the size of the deduction. In the presence of a child with a disability reduce the base for calculating tax on 3000 rubles for each of my children.
In addition, upon presentation by the employee of the relevant documents will make a deduction for the amount spent on the purchase or construction of housing, training, reimbursement of treatment costs, donations to charity, participation in the program of co-financing pensions, etc. Keep in mind that if the total amount of standard and social deductions equal or exceed the amount of the employee's income is exempt from tax on income of physical persons for the accounting month.
The next step will calculate the tax amount subject to deduction and payment in the budget by multiplying the tax base on the tax rate of 13%. Round the resulting number to an integer: swing amount from 1 to 49 cents, and in the amount of 50 cents or more round up to a whole rouble.
Please note that all other deductions, in particular alimony, fines to bailiffs, etc., made after payment of the tax to incomes of physical persons and did not reduce the tax base.