Advice 1: How to replace the timing belt on VAZ 2115

The timing belt should be replaced after 50-60 thousand km mileage of the car. If replacement is not completed in time, it may be detrimental to the engine and damage the car, and the cost of repair will be comparable with a small price of the belt. The breakage is accompanied by a dull sound, then the engine stops working.
How to replace the timing belt on VAZ 2115
You will need
  • - new timing belt;
  • - a set of car keys.
Purchase a new timing belt, but don't buy cheap models. Despite the fact that the life of such belts may be larger in practice to predict when you will open, it is impossible.
Remove toothed belt guard, bolted with three bolts, two of which are in the back and one side. Do not forget to put the car on the handbrake. Loosen the bolts of the right wheel, poddomkratit car and remove the wheel.
Remove the two screws for securing the right splash shield. If you wish, you can remove the crankcase and remove the splash guard entirely. You will gain access to the wire pulley of the generator.
Remove the drive belt of the generator by loosening the fastening in the upper part. Be careful not to damage the windings.
Loosen the sensor for revolutions of the crankshaft, which is located close to the drive of the generator. Move the sensor a couple of inches. Need to withdraw it not.
Remove the cap over the flywheel and lock it. This is best done by using open-end wrench 13. Also remove the pulley bolt alternator drive belt on the crankshaft. You can use the bottled key. Remove the belt from under the pulley - there is nothing to be destroyed.
Installation pull the antenna and turn the pulley counterclockwise until it stops. Set gear pulley mark up by screwing the bolt and rotating the crankshaft clockwise. Label access doors on the flywheel align with the pointer of the engine. Lock the flywheel with a wrench or screwdriver.
Loosen the tension pulley and turn it to the on position when the strap is stretched the least. Put the timing belt on the pulleys and the pump crankshaft. Route the strap under the roller, pull his hand and slip on the pulley of the camshaft.
Start to rotate the roller counterclockwise and gradually pull on the belt. The right plot, rotate your fingers 90 degrees. Secure the roller.
Rotate the crankshaft 2 revolutions forward; shivah and marks on the camshafts should return to its original position. If not, repeat installation of a belt.
Useful advice
Periodically check the condition of the belt or carry a spare.

Advice 2 : How to tighten the timing belt WHA

The timing belt is one of the main drive engine. His main job is to synchronize rotation of crankshaft and camshaft. Therefore, you should periodically monitor its technical condition and in case of detection of defects to replace. In addition, to properly carry out its tension, so as he could fully be exploited.
How to tighten the timing belt WHA
You will need
  • key 10;
  • key on 13.
Check the technical condition of the timing belt. The surface of the gear part should have a clear profile of the teeth, not to be worn, do not have cracks, folds, separation of fabric from rubber and undercuts. Pay attention to the integrity of the end surfaces, they should not be rassoglasovaniya and stratification, allowed only a slight protrusion of the fringe fabric. Inspect the surface of the outer flat portion, it should be flat, not have cracks, folds, bulges and recesses. The timing belt should not be a hits machine oil. In case of detection of any defects, replace it.
Remove the drive belt of generator and pump, and then the top cover. Set first cylinder to TDC, to do this, align the mark on the crankshaft pulley with the middle mark on the protective cover and the mark on the camshaft pulley with the mark on the lid of the cylinder head. Unscrew the socket head 10 nut middle and lower covers and remove them. Unhook the spring, loosen the bolts and move the bracket of the tensioner pulley to the left. Remove the timing belt.
Check the mechanism of a tension of a belt. To do this, inspect the working surface of the roller, it should be smooth and have no burrs and nicks. His bearing should rotate smoothly, smoothly. Check the elasticity of the tension spring if it is weak, then replace. Put a new belt. Put it on the toothed crankshaft pulley and tension, put on a pulley of the oil pump, and then on the pulley of the camshaft. Wearing the belt on the tension pulley, install the spring, turn the bracket to the right. Keep the timing belt tight and smoothly rotate the crankshaft two turns. Don't loosen it when you stop the shaft. At this point, the spring will automatically set its tension. Lock the bolts. Check the alignment marks on the crankshaft and the camshaft. If they do not match, reinstall the belt. Put the protective cap and tighten the nuts.

Advice 3 : How to replace a timing belt on Volkswagen Polo

Replacing the timing belt is much more than a chain replacement. So if you have an engine with a 1.4-litre engine, pay attention to the drive timing. In the case of destruction of the belt may be a cliff. Even clizbeats sometimes teeth, which leads to a displacement of the belt on the shafts. And this will affect the operation of the valves.
Polo hatchback with 1,4 engine 8 valve
Cars Volkswagen Polo used several engines. Car sedan is equipped with engine capacity of 1.6 liters, and the timing is chain. On engines with a 1.4-litre engine used a belt. To accurately verify that you have a belt, just look at the engine itself. If there is a belt, it will be covered by a plastic cover. If a chain, then it is closed with a metal casing.

That change along with the belt

The most important thing – it's just the belt. Despite the fact that the manufacturer has established a life for him 90 thousand miles, they wear out much faster. Strong wear leads to its breakage, and this was followed by a costly repair of the head unit. Unfortunately, the valves no tsiklevok (recesses for the valves), so if breakage occurs the severe blow of pistons on valves.

Replacement is best done every 60 thousand kilometers. And together with the belt be sure to change the pump, and idler pulley. The pump should be replaced as its bearing wears out, the gear tilts slightly, causing a gradual movement of a belt. In the end, the strap slowly but surely, begins to grind against the side of the roller.

A period of 60 thousand kilometers – it is also a time of generation of the drive belt auxiliary units. These include the alternator, power steering pump, a / C compressor. Of course, after breakage of the drive belt of these mechanisms is not followed by repair of the engine. But some inconveniences are bound to occur. Therefore, it is better to replace all at once.

How to replace the timing belt

The first thing you need to prepare the machine for repair. To be sure, to throw off the negative terminal from the battery and drain the coolant from the system. Not only do this when the engine is hot. First, the hot liquid can be Ambaritsa. Secondly, when installing a new belt when the engine is hot can occur the offset timing. Therefore, let the motor cool down, drink a Cup of tea, tune in to work.

The right side of the car lift up and remove the wheel to access the pulley to the crankshaft. Remove protection, remove the bolts, then loosen the belt of the accessory drive and disassemble it. If it is still in good condition, throw it in the trunk under the spare tire. Maybe someday there will be a trouble on the road and have to replace that belt.

Now loosen the nut on the roller, the belt will SAG. Remove the old timing belt, then check the match marks on the camshaft gears and the crankshaft. Disassemble the pump and install a new one instead, but now you can put the belt. Careful not to lost the label, otherwise the operation of the valves will be broken. Tighten the roller and assemble everything in reverse order.
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