Advice 1: How to create a shortcut of the game

Icon placed on the desktop, usually created by the game, like any other application during the installation process. If, as a result of a failure of the installer that did not happen or you have removed the box of create shortcut, then place it on desktop or any other directory you can own - for this in Windows there are quite a few ways.
How to create a shortcut of the game
If the shortcut should be created on your desktop, click on the background image, right-click, expand "Create" from the context menu, and select row Label. So you run the wizard to create shortcuts. The same can be done in any folder open in Explorer.
Enter the full path to the executable file of the game, the field under "type the location of the object." This can be done either manually, or by searching for it in a separate window, opened by pressing alt + "O" (Russian letter) or click on the "Browse" button. Then click the "Next"button.
Enter the caption text under the shortcut box placed below the inscription "Enter the shortcut name" and click on the "finish" button. The game's icon will appear on the desktop of the operating system.
It is possible to perform the operation in reverse order - first by pressing win key and e to open Windows Explorer, then navigate to the folder in which you installed the game. Find the executable file, click right-mouse button and POPs up the context menu select "Create shortcut". The shortcut is created in the same folder - move it to the desktop or desired directory.
The operation drag-and-drop can also be used as a method of creating a shortcut. For this purpose, as in the previous step, open the folder the game executable file and drag it, right-click on the desktop. After you release the mouse button POPs up a menu where you should select "Create shortcuts". This way you can create shortcuts not only on the desktop, but in the menu on the "start" button. Drag the game's executable file, but don't let go, and hold over the button for a second or two a menu will open and you will get the option to place a shortcut to any subsection, stopping in the same way for a few seconds over each section that you want to open.

Advice 2: How to run the game without a label

Shortcuts are intended for quick launch files, the links it contains. Quick shortcuts are usually located on the Desktop. When you install an application (e.g. games) on a personal computer program installation usually requires the consent of the user to create a shortcut on the Desktop. If the shortcut on the Desktop, the application can run without it.
How to run the game without a label
You will need
  • Primary skills of personal computer.
First, make sure that the shortcut of the game you need on your Desktop is definitely lacking. It is possible that he was just renamed or moved.
If the shortcut of the game on the Desktop, then navigate to the directory in which they installed the game. Typically, the drop folder games is on a hard drive that contains the operating system and, therefore, all the standard system folders. Usually the way to game looks like "C:Games<game Folder>". Game files can be found in the system folder "Program Files". In the game folder should be all files, to ensure the normal operation of the application and its interaction with the system. Among these files, there should be one executable file that launches itself to the game. The file in most cases is the name of the game, and its extension corresponds to the Executive file (i.e., its ending ".exe"). To start the game, simply click on the Executive file twice with the left mouse button.
To run the game without the shortcut, you can also in another way. To implement it, go to "start" (located on the taskbar on the left). In the menu that appears, hover the mouse cursor on the line "All programs". After that, you will see a list of all programs installed on your personal computer. Among them, find the tab with the name of the game and also move the cursor mouse. In the pop-up list, select the Row with the name of the game and click. The game will start.
Useful advice
It should be remembered that in the game folder are files that ensure the normal operation of the application and its interaction with the system. Therefore, in any case, do not rename, move or delete these files.

Menu All programs applications that are installed recently are highlighted in yellow. So, if the game is installed not so long ago, it's easy to see her.
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