Often during installation of a program on computer "installation Wizard" prompts the user to create a shortcut to the startup file on the desktop. If this is your case, select the marker corresponding item and continue the installation process until completion. However, this is not always the case.
In order to create a shortcut on the desktop, go to the directory with the established program, file or folder. Locate the desired file (folder) and click on its icon with the right mouse button. Unfold the context menu. Select "Send", and "desktop (create shortcut)" by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Nothing more is required, the corresponding icon will be placed on your desktop.
Some files in the shortcut menu command may not appear on "Submit". In this case, select in the drop-down menu item "Create shortcut". If the shortcut cannot be placed in the same folder as the source file, the system will prompt you to transfer it to the desktop. Answer Yes at the prompt.
In other cases, you use the command "Create shortcut" this label appears in the same folder as the original file. Click on the shortcut, right-click and select in context menu "Cut", it will be moved to the clipboard. Go to your desktop, right click mouse on any blank area and select from the drop down menu "Paste".
Also do not forget about the quick launch. It is located to the right of the "start" button. In order to place there icons, click the label (group of labels) with the left mouse button and while holding it down, drag the labels down to the quick launch toolbar. Release the mouse button.