The easiest way to find the right directory via a shortcut. Just right click the icon, select "Properties" and in the opened window go to the tab "Shortcut". You will see the fields "Object" and "working directory", the first points directly to the file that launches the game and the second – on the place where this file resides, i.e. "working folder" and indicates the directory of the game. You can click on the "go to folder" or "file Location" to quickly access a desired address.
Most often games are installed in the Program Files folder located on your system hard drive. Also, check the Games folder, which can be created in the root directory.
Use system search, if the game is not in standard places. Try not to type in a string search the full name of the product – the better part of it, or the short version. For example, for "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" your search better to do SW or KotOR.
Find the directory in the installer. Rerun the file, which installed the game, and see what directory you install it has to offer. If such default is likely, there is the question: "Which type of installation you want to use?". To see the address you need to meet the need "Professional" or "Detailed".
If you need to get some software to automatically detect the installation directory, you should specify the address of the registry, which stores this information. For example, if you want to write the installer for the patch of the game Sims, then you need to find the directory in the registry that contains information about the game, and in it – specific directory of the game. In the future, creating the installer through a special program, provide a link to the contents of the addresses found in the "Directory of the game". Subsequently, when the user runs your. exe file, he will return to the address in the registry and will indicate immediately the correct location.