Click on the background image of the desktop with the right mouse button to access the "context menu". In it, expand "Create" and select "Shortcut". The result of this action opens a wizard for creating a shortcut on the desktop.
Click the "Browse" button and in the opened window, locate and click the program file or a document icon which you want to see on your desktop. Then in the dialog to locate the file click "OK" and in the wizard you create the shortcut click "Next".
Enter the caption text under the created shortcut and click "Finish". The wizard window closes and the shortcut appears on the desktop.
There's another way that allows you to simultaneously create a shortcut group. To use it, you need to run Windows Explorer. This can be done by double clicking on the icon "My computer" on the desktop or by pressing shortcut keys win + e. Then using the folder tree in the left pane of file Explorer, browse to the directory containing the files, shortcuts to which you would like to be placed on the desktop.
Highlight the file or group of files. To highlight a group, you can click the first file in the list, and then press shift and hold to select the subsequent files using the arrow keys. And you can pereselit the mouse all the desired files with the ctrl key.
Drag the selected file (or file group) to the desktop using the right mouse button. When you release the button, Windows Explorer will show a menu with the command set - select "Create shortcuts" and this operation will be completed.
If the link to the program icon that you need on your desktop is the main menu on the "start" button, then from there it is also possible to drag to the desktop, right-click. But in this case, after you release the button, in the menu you should select either the "Copy" item (if in the main menu, too, must leave the link to the program) or Move (if the link in the main menu is no longer needed).