Select the best treatment. It should match the image of the destination and the level of your communion with him. Currently, in the Russian language are used for the treatment of "sir" (reduced Mr), the "lady" (Ms.), "of the Lord." Official wording: "Dear Mr. ..." always accompanies the name. Can contact by name and patronymic, the form "Lord" is omitted. For Example: "Dear Pyotr Semyonovich."
Identify the basic sentence (or text) the official invitation. Here you should indicate who invites, why and where. The wording needs to be strict, literary, and grammatically and orthographically correct. Usually formulates a complex sentence with a participle, uses the full and official name of the institution and organizers. For example: "Siberian state industrial University invites...". At the prompt using speech patterns:

• You are welcome (you) on/to participate in...

• I have the honour to invite You...

• sent You an invitation to ...

• let me/allow me to invite You to...

• with pleasure we invite you ... .
Specify further what the event is, what is the purpose or what the subject. For example: " take part in the presentation of the results of the development master plan...", " a Banquet/celebration on the occasion of...", "...for the celebrations dedicated...". Specify where, when and what time the event will take place. This information may also be given in a separate sentence, if the previous was very high.
Email if required, where and are obtained or purchased the tickets. And also, if this is important, place a request to confirm acceptance of the invitation or participation. Use the phrase "Please confirm your acceptance/participation/your arrival...", and specify in what way invited to do it better by letter, by Fax or by phone. Finish the invitation with the standard phrase "With respect ...", specify the name and maybe position.