You have the right to invite in Latvia relative, a friend, an employee, if you: - are a citizen of Latvia;- are an alien with a permanent residence permit in Latvia;- are foreigner with a valid temporary residence permit in Latvia (invitation only for close relatives);- are a citizen of one EU country and have the registration certificate of the Republic of Latvia;- is the representative of the Latvian state institutions or legal entities registered in the country.
If you are an individual and wish to invite a relative or friend in Latvia, submit to the Office of citizenship and migration the following documents:- identity document;- information about invited foreigner (name and surname in Latin transcription, the status, date and place of birth, gender, address of residence abroad, occupation, purpose of visit, place and time of stay in the country);- information about your occupation and income (if you are going to take all expenses for the stay of a foreigner in Latvia itself);- receipt on state duty payment.
Be prepared for the fact that you can ask for documents and evidence to prove the existence of kinship or friendship. If in Latvia invited parents, the spouse (spouse), grandparents, grandchildren, then you need to provide evidence of the family relationship and to certify by his signature that the invited foreigner is not to be burdened with their presence, the social assistance system.
If you are a representative of a legal entity or state institution of the Republic of Latvia, you will need the following documents:- identity document;- power of attorney (can be included in the application);- application form;- receipt for payment of registration fee.
Prepare and proof of relationship of the foreigner with your company or institution (contracts, minutes, invoices, etc.). In addition, you will need to provide proof of the legality of being a citizen of another country on the territory of Latvia (for example, to submit certified confirmation of this from the head of the organization).
If you are a representative of the employer, you, in addition to the documents provided by the organizations, it will require legalized copies of the documents of the employee (including education and training), as well as the license for activity implementation (if needed).