If you do not take into account the quality of the water, a lot of questions from tenants there is a pressure "tap". When water flows weakly impossible to wash the dishes or take a shower. A legitimate desire to measure the pressure in hot and cold water. To do this yourself, you can use the device for measuring pressure is the manometer.
To measure water pressure in the faucet with hot or cold water do the following. Take a water manometer with scale up to 1 kg/cm. Buy the attachment on the crane. Find the two lines of rubber hose of the desired diameter. Check integrity of hoses before collecting a chart to check the pressure in the pipes.
Attach the end of one of the segments of the hose nozzle. Slide it to the tap. On the other end of this cut hose attach fitting pressure gauge. At the second fitting of the pressure gauge, secure the end of the second segment of the hose; all places where the hose fits over the fitting, secure with hose clamps of the appropriate size.

Fasten the attachment on the mixer tap. Place the free end of the second segment of the hose so that the water is not filled apartment (lower in the tub, etc.). Turn the water on full pressure and register (note) the pressure gauge.

This is the easiest way to determine the pressure in the pipes of kholodnoye hot water in the home, which can be used independently. It allows with a high degree of accuracy to make the necessary measurements. However, it will need to spend money to buy the pressure gauge, hose, nozzle, but everything else is easy and you can get the exact numbers.