You will need
  • -storage tank;
  • -the pump.
First of all, try to appeal on this issue in the offices of those public utilities which deal with water issues. The existing standards , the pressure of the water in the taps should be sufficient for operation of appliances. Therefore, the consumer has the right to file a complaint.
If the appeal to the municipal services did not help, and the water pressure still remains low, try replacing the tube at the same, but with a slightly smaller diameter.
To solve this problem will help the installation of the storage tank with the pump. Today you can buy special models of pumps which increase the pressure of cold and hot water. Pump designed for hot water, equipped with a fan for cooling. With this design, it is suitable for installation on the riser hot water, the temperature of which is up to 80 degrees. Operate these pumps manually and automatically. The most convenient to use is an automatic pump.
The pump works in the following way: you turn the water on, it flows very slowly. Immediately automatically turns on the pump, and the pressure increases by 1 atmosphere. This allows you to begin the process of operate the washing machine or water heater.
If the apartment has been too low pressure of air during ventilation, it is necessary to blow out air vents using a vacuum cleaner. To check the operation of the ventilation system, attach to the grate sheet of paper, cut fringe. If ventilation is working properly, the sheet should "stick" to the grid. In this case, to improve pressureand air can be embedded in the vent is a simple exhaust fan. The house is quite possible to install additional fans and air conditioners.