Advice 1: How to adjust water pressure

It is difficult to imagine farmland with no running water: no trees in the garden do not water or vegetables in the garden not to grow... in short, without water as without hands. Similar issues may face those who have to the site water is supplied by a low pressuremeters. And residents of apartment buildings this trouble is not spared: quite often they are faced with insufficient pressure in the water main. But the situation is not hopeless: the pressure of water can be adjusted.
How to adjust water pressure
You will need
  • - two tank;
  • pipe;
  • - the valve;
  • cranes;
  • - the wrench;
  • - thin rope;
  • - holding tank;
  • - non-return valve;
  • domestic pump;
  • gear.
Below running water you can use constantly and the pressure of the water was the best, make the battery. On the plot to make unusual "mechanism". Coming from the main water supply pipe the pipe where you will install the valve.
From the valve, follow the branching pipe: one part should go to the distribution chain-the first Baku and the other to the backup of Baku, acting as a battery. And on one and on the second pipe install valves with which it would be possible at any time to block the portion of the water supply network. Check valve a plumbing system that will serve as the fuse that regulates the pressure with which water is supplied. The battery operates as follows: water under high pressure compresses the air trapped in the tank. When the pressure decreases, the air pushes water out of the tank.
With the aim of increasing the pressure of the water in the water of a multistory building to start cleaning the water pipes. Shut off emergency valve on the pipe supplying water to the apartment building, then dismantling of the mixer and enter the water pipe cable. As cleaning small areas of water pipes to renew the flow of water (this will wash all the paint from sticking).
To increase the pressure in the water main can setting the apartment holding tank, a pump for increasing the pressure of water and non-return valve.
Dangerous and high pressure water in the pipe, since it can provoke the crash, and the failure of such household appliances as gas water heaters. Because of this, reduce the pressure in the water main, installing the pipe reducer, reducing pressure.
Never place the reducer on the pipe, feeding hot water: operating temperature of the gearbox is strictly limited.
Useful advice
You can use the services of experts who will give advice on the optimization of water pressure in the pipe in your specific case.

Advice 2 : How to adjust the pressure reducer

Reducer pressure used in the water system of the apartment or house, if the maximum pressure in the feed water system exceeds the maximum working pressure fed system. It is also necessary in order to avoid fluctuations of pressure, to prevent hammering, and to protect from failure of various measuring devices such as manometers.
How to adjust the pressure reducer
Select the reducer pressure in the plumbing supply store. Select the device you need to do, based on estimated water consumption in the apartment or house, not the diameter of the existing water supply system. Ask in store technical information or price list for reducers pressure, they contain all device data. If the diameter of the chosen reducer is different from the diameter of a water pipe, purchase additional adapters.
Also purchase a mechanical filter for the effective and smooth operation of the gearbox. In addition, you'll need shutoff valves (faucets) in the amount of two pieces.
Install the purchased reducer behind the water meter horizontal water pressure gauge up. Before you put the reducer shut-off valve and a mechanical filter. After the reducer, install the second valve. Valves used, if necessary, dismantling of the device.
Adjust the reducer pressure using the setting tool and pressure gauge of the device. It is very simple. First completely fill the entire water supply system, and then close all points of water consumption in the house.
Set the required system pressure reducer for rotating the adjusting head (screw) built into the gear case. During the rotation of the head in the direction of "+" (clockwise) increases pressure, and the "-" (counterclockwise) lowers it. The optimal rate for the operation of plumbing devices - 3-4 atmospheres. Keep in mind that if the system has safety valves, the set pressure reducer outlet should be 20% lower pressure open the safety valves.
In the process of operation of the gear pressure clean the filter mesh and seat reducer. Also follow state of the grid and membrane devices, and in case of failure of timely replace them with new ones.
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