Why you need a pressure regulator

Regulator water pressure ensures high quality home appliances. She could be in danger if the pressure drops in the system which can be up to 12 atmospheres (at a rate of 4-8). It is very important to set the regulator in that case, if the house has a water heater. At a constant elevated pressure or racing pressure relief valve heater will discharge clean water, and the installation of the reducer to avoid it.
Before installing the reducer it is necessary to measure system pressure with a gauge.

The principle of operation of the regulator is that it compensates for the change in the input pressure and the output keeps constant. Thus, the device allows you to prevent hammering and prevents failure of measuring devices such as pressure gauges. It can be installed on bends of pipes of hot or cold water.

How to install a pressure regulator independently

Installation of pressure regulator shall conduct the plumber. However, you can install the device yourself. This will take the pressure regulator, two shut-off valves (inlet and outlet), the mechanical filter of water pipe wrench.

It is best to install a pressure reducing valve in a horizontal pipeline, however, it can be mounted on a vertical tube. Before device need a mechanical filter. The pressure regulator is set like a normal counter.

Turn off the water, cut the pipe, cut off the excess. Install gate valves, strainer, regulator (pressure gauge up), reducing the size of the connection pads of a certain size, tape "FUM" or tow. The gearbox itself should be installed behind the counter, between him and the counter, put the strainer and valve. The second valve should be a pressure reducer.
The valves in the future greatly facilitate the dismantling of the pressure reducer.

After mounting the gearbox need to configure it. Open the valve at the inlet and at the outlet close. Turn clockwise using the special key adjusting screw to increase pressure and counterclockwise to decrease pressure. Install this way on the gauge required value of about 3 atmospheres.

In the absence of gauge use the factory setup - these pressure regulators must be sold configured. For proper device operation time from the time of his cleaning.