You will need
  • - pump pressure boosting;
  • - automatic pump station.
Causes of low pressure in the water can vary from partial blockage of pipes of salt deposits to the location of the apartments on the upper floors of high-rise building. In that case, if utilities are unable or unwilling to correct the situation, you can try to solve it yourself due to the installation of additional pump.
First, assess how the water comes into the apartment, depends on the choice of pump. If it flows from the tap, but the pressure is always small, you need to install a pump to increase the pressure. If it did not, but it is on the floor below, you will need a self-priming pumping station.
The pumps increase the pressure hit in the water at the entrance to the apartment. It can work in two modes, automatic and manual. The first option is preferable – the pump is switched on when the valve opens, and maintains the desired pressure. As soon as you close the valve, the controller will shut off the pump. In manual mode, it operates forcibly, without automation. This mode provides constant water pressure even in low pressure, but requires disconnecting the device after the cessation of water analysis. If the water in the system is not all, the pump can burn out. In automatic mode, the electronics will switch off the pump when the pressure drops below the minimum.
Install automatic pumping station consisting of a pump, usually centrifugal, a hydraulic accumulator, control unit and pressure gauge. She has sufficiently large dimensions, so to install it you will need to find a place. Thanks to the hydraulic accumulator with elastic membrane in the system is always maintained at the appropriate pressure. When it drops below the nominal pump activates and pumps water to the battery. Once the pressure reaches the maximum level, the pump turns off. The check valve prevents loss of water back to the water.
Note that pumping stations work well in private homes, but in a multi-story building when installing them can be a number of problems. In particular, when the water pump starts to drain the air through the open valves from the neighbors that at least will lead to a situation where the cranes you will have to "spit" a mixture of water and air. When a large amount of air a centrifugal pump will cease to operate, to run it you would have to fill the system with water. Therefore it is better to consider the first option – the installation of a pump to increase the pressure. If the water doesn't rise up to your floor, require utilities address this issue.