Select the reducer pressure in the plumbing supply store. Select the device you need to do, based on estimated water consumption in the apartment or house, not the diameter of the existing water supply system. Ask in store technical information or price list for reducers pressure, they contain all device data. If the diameter of the chosen reducer is different from the diameter of a water pipe, purchase additional adapters.
Also purchase a mechanical filter for the effective and smooth operation of the gearbox. In addition, you'll need shutoff valves (faucets) in the amount of two pieces.
Install the purchased reducer behind the water meter horizontal water pressure gauge up. Before you put the reducer shut-off valve and a mechanical filter. After the reducer, install the second valve. Valves used, if necessary, dismantling of the device.
Adjust the reducer pressure using the setting tool and pressure gauge of the device. It is very simple. First completely fill the entire water supply system, and then close all points of water consumption in the house.
Set the required system pressure reducer for rotating the adjusting head (screw) built into the gear case. During the rotation of the head in the direction of "+" (clockwise) increases pressure, and the "-" (counterclockwise) lowers it. The optimal rate for the operation of plumbing devices - 3-4 atmospheres. Keep in mind that if the system has safety valves, the set pressure reducer outlet should be 20% lower pressure open the safety valves.
In the process of operation of the gear pressure clean the filter mesh and seat reducer. Also follow state of the grid and membrane devices, and in case of failure of timely replace them with new ones.