Possible causes of buzz crane

The noise in the faucet is a result of the passage of water through the cartridge that is installed inside the mixer. Thus there is a sharp drop in the pressure level that causes a harsh sound. Appears each time you use the tap noise is very annoying, some people can get sick head. To solve the problem, you must first understand the type of mixer and determine when you turn on a tap noise for hot water or for cold.

Faucets can be a conventional valve and a lever. The cranes of the first type flow, volume, temperature of the water regulated valve faucet, with the tap-bushing is located under the decorative handle. Kran-buksa can be traditional with a strip of rubber or ceramic. Conventional crane Bush can buzz because of the dilapidated rubber gaskets. The cause of the noise in the ceramic valve is a silicone liner. It can not be replaced, required the dismantling of the crane. Lever faucet has valves. The water flow can be adjusted within the composition of this device the ball valve or faucet with a ceramic cartridge. If they make noise when you turn, in this case, you just need to adjust the pressure in the delivery tube.
Lever faucets are more reliable.

What to do to not boomed crane

To determine the type of faucet head parts valve mixer, you need to pay attention to the following. If the valve of the mixer rotates only a half turn, includes a ceramic element. If to turn on the water several times to turn the valve, the mixer is a regular PTC site that has a strip of rubber. To eliminate noise in the normal valve-bushing, you first need to completely block the water flow. You then need to remove the valve from the boxes, to do this, Unscrew the special bolt. After that, the crane Bush gently twisted. Unusable the gasket must be replaced with a new one.
Before installing the edge strip should be cut approximately one millimeter.

The cause of the noise in the tap with ceramic liner is a silicone washer. It is used for the "urging" of the rings of ceramic at the correct position. In this case it is better to replace ceramic liner for a new one. The noise in the mixer lever is most likely to occur due to pressure drops in the pipes. To normalize, you need to install on water supply special reducer that allows to control the pressure level. This device limits the pressure of 2.5 atmospheres, then the noise in the pipes stopped.