First, of course, sign up at least two electronic payment systems like E-gold and WebMoney.
Put the cash amount in electronic money to the WebMoney account.
Take WMZ (WebMoney currency) and exchange them for E-Gold exchange office.
Now go West in the exchanger and produce a return exchange from E-Gold to WMZ. The resulting profit from the difference of exchange rates.
Follow the previous paragraph several times to get more profit. Repeat this process many times, so it all depends on your personal time.
Print email the amount of money, for example, a Bank card and withdraw cash amount. In the end, you earn the difference in exchange rates of electronic currency. In addition to these two payment systems, there are many others, where you can also register and conduct payment transactions.
It is also worth noting that in addition to the standard money-making scheme, there are several areas related to exchange of electronic moneywhich you can earn. The first is the creation of its electronic exchange. Quite complex and costly, so if you are not afraid to take risks, feel free to organize his business. The second direction is to participate in affiliate programs, the official exchanger. You have your own website? Boldly join affiliate program electronic exchanger and will receive a small percentage of the profits from any transaction, which will be "given" to you. Electronic money can you really make good money. The main thing is treat this case.