Note that veins on the legs are not amenable to treatment. What traditional recipes you may have experienced on their feet, trying to get rid of the unpleasant kind, you can't improve the situation. The problem is that these vessels have ceased to function normally. And hinder the bloodstream. Therefore, the method to correct the defect only one – removal.
Note sclerotherapy. Today it is the most effective way to remove spider veins. In order to do this procedure, consult a phlebologist. Only after consultation with him you can learn if you this method. In sclerotherapy is the removal of the faulty vessels using a special drug. It is introduced in a vessel with a fine needle, and the bonding of cells. The vessel is collapsing. Then for several days the patient wears compression stockings, which continues to hold the vessels in glued condition. The course of treatment usually lasts 2-3 weeks. During this time, spend a few sessions. Already formed stars are subjected to the same treatment. The technique is practically painless and gives positive and quick results.
You can try to use laser coagulation. But remember that the laser is typically only corrects the defect of blood vessels, but often can not remove the asterisk. In addition, the method has a significant number of contraindications. Therefore, first consult with flebologia. If you get a laser, keep in mind that two weeks before the procedure, you can not sunbathe. The procedure itself is painless. The patient may feel a slight tingling.
Put your veins on the legs with the help of thermocoagulation. This impact on the affected capillaries current of high frequency. The procedure is quite effective and painless. During her conduct the blood from the capillary is directed back from the edge of the capillary in the saphenous vein. The surrounding vessel tissue is not damaged. Within two days, possibly skin redness at the application site current.