The complexity of the definition of mobile numbers to one or another network is that in this case there is no binding of number to the place of registration. Ie, your mobile number does not depend on the city where you got this room. The number assigned for cellular service, under the laws of the Federal Agency of communications.
Consider also the fact that the problem precise identification of a particular operator is complicated by the increasing incidence of fraud. This applies to customers of cellular networks and operators.
To obtain the most reliable information base use DEF-codes. These resources work in a mode "online" (always connected) and can accurately determine a mobile operator.
Please visit company ("inter-regional Tranzittelekom") to obtain access to such databases, as this resource provides the most complete information about mobile numbers of all known operators. Use the official sites of cellular operators in or any other difficulty. All necessary links are given below.
Determine for starters the most convenient format for you the use of databases of DEF-codes. Today, there are two options – either to obtain information on the first three digits of mobile number (consisting of 7 digits), or to work with a sample of information about the individual settings of the room. As these parameters can be used such characteristics as region, mobile operator, connection standards, and the date of the introduction of the index.
Enter the required data in a specialized form, and then you will get all the necessary information located in the appropriate form below.