You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Review the first figures of the direct phone number. The first digit is 8 or +7 means the country code (Russia in this case). The next three digits in some cases may indicate belonging of a number to a certain cellular phone company, for example, the identifier 925 says that it is connected to the network MegaFon, and 903 to Beeline, 985 – MTS. Also many companies use instead of the prefix code of the city where the subscriber has been connected to the system.
If you have Internet access, verify membership direct number to a specific operator using the special online services, for example, In this resource you can obtain information regarding the supports the phone company a certain number, the region of connection and other data of the subscriber.
Go to the web site to the menu of test phone numbers that is on the left (Number analyses tools). Select the first point from above - Analysis of telephone numbers. Enter the phone number in international format instead of using eight +7.
Pay attention to the rules of data entry, spelled out below. After make sure that ID number is correct, press Enter and doedit the appearance of test results. In the lower right corner, review the details regarding the ownership of the direct number to the network operator.
In order to know the maintenance operator of any mobile number, use the definition of the identifiers pre-finding a table online or using this resource. Please note, this information is provided free of charge and does not require sending SMS to confirm receipt of services.