Use the DEF code to find out the operator by phone number. This is the first 3 digits of the phone numbers that come after the international code. For example, the number +7-908-888-55-11 is a sequence 908. Each operator has one or several DEF codes for customer service. One DEF-code may use several operators.
The easiest way to know the operator on the phone number of one of the largest operators of cellular communication. For MTS are relevant DEF codes 910 - 919, and 980-989. To identify a subscriber of "Beeline" can the room 903-906, 909 and 960-968. MegaFon uses 920-929 codes, 930-938, and 997. Various regional operators use these DEF codes, like 900, 908, 940, 950-956. The value of 954 corresponds to operators that provide satellite communications.
If you don't manage yourself by phone to find out operator, try, use the special online services. On the Internet you will be able to find a sufficiently large number of sites that provide such opportunity. They have the same operating principle and differ only in the interface design. The most effective will be those resources that indicate the region of the subscriber on the map. Among them;; etc.
Try using specialized programs to find out the operator by cell phone number. A built-in base of DEF-codes that uniquely identify the operator. For mobile phones on the Java platform, download the app PhoneWizard. For smartphones and PC, "the Operators of Russia." It works similar to the app "Mobile operators".
DEF run code through any of the Internet search engines. So you can go to discovered a room in one of the online databases or on the website of the relevant operator. If you are registered in social networks, you can try to search through their search engine. In some cases, you will not only know the operator, but also to determine the subscriber that uses the given phone number.