Learn mobile operators mobile phone will help you DEF the code that represents the first three digits of the number coming immediately after the international code. For example, the number +7-918-848-44-00 is a sequence 908. Each operator has several unique DEF-code, which will allow you to accurately determine it.
It is believed that the easiest way to know the operator of the mobile phone number of MTS. This cell company is using DEF codes from 910 to 919, and 980 to 989 and. Define operator MegaFon can by codes from 920 to 929, 930 to 938, and 997. The Beeline uses combinations 903-906, 960-968, and 909. In addition, there are DEF codes, which are assigned to the regional operators: 900, 908, 950-956. If you see code 954, it says that the call is made via satellite.
If you are not able on their own to learn of the operator's mobile phone number, take advantage of special Internet services. There are many number of sites that provide such opportunity. They have similar principle of work, where the only difference is the interface design. Particularly effective are the resources showing on the map the region of the subscriber. The links you'll find below.
Use a special program that helps to identify the operator of the mobile number. They work on the basis of the built-in database DEF codes, which accurately identifies the operator. For example, for the mobile Java platform there is an app PhoneWizard. On smartphones and PCs you can install the "Agents of Russia" or similar app - "Mobile operators".
You can just type DEF code in any of the search engines of the Internet to immediately find out of the operator's mobile phone number. Usually this information is displayed on the link to the website of the cellular company. Finally, you can contact any of the offices of mobile communication or call one of the operators. You with a high degree of probability will tell you who registered a particular number, and if it is safe to make calls on it.