To avoid problems with socks, first select the correct belt. Its width should be three to three and a half centimeters, wider straps that is worn only with jeans. The color should be chosen to match the shoes, the bag, the strap. Unlike women's belt buckle men's belt should not be evident. Ideally, it should be dull and blend in with the other metal parts that are present on the clothes or accessory – a tie-clip, the clasps on the briefcase. A particular refinement will be considered, if you were to wear a belt to match the shirt.

Men's belt must be fastened to the third (middle) hole, the free end of the thread through the belt loops – it should not dangle. If the belt you large, do not fasten it on the fourth hole, leaving a long tail. Let's move the buckle and trim the excess. To do this, remove the buckle by removing the bolt, due to which she is attached. From the third hole, measure the size of your waist and fasten the buckle to a new location.

Please note that the end of the strap when worn should not delaminate. To avoid this, when choosing a belt give preference to those accessories that are stitched and not glued. If your belt was such trouble, do not be lazy time to give it in for repair or try repairing yourself.

Don't wear the same belt every day – this active wear it is quickly deformed. The right to have at least two of the accessory to rotate them together. After you removed the belt, hang it in the closet or twist strap ring and put in a drawer.