You will need
  • - cufflinks;
  • - shirt.
In order to wear cufflinks, buy a shirt with double French cuffs, which have special slots. Don't choose a shirt with too long sleeves to show the cuff links is considered bad manners. The cuff should peek out from under the jacket sleeve no more than 2 centimeters.
Select cufflinks. They should be made of the same material and be the same coloras other accessories are a tie pin, watch, lighter. And all of them together – the approach to suit the style and color. Do not choose cufflinks in antique style for the youth along with or cheap cufflinks to an upscale suit.
Cufflinks can be symmetric and asymmetric. Both parts symmetrical face and clasp look the same. But to understand where this accessory clasp, and the front part is much easier if you choose an asymmetric cuff links.
Models of cufflinks can vary and depending on the mechanism of their fastening. The easiest to use and most common is a conventional rotating pin, although there are cufflinks with snaps or chains.
Wash your hands thoroughly before you wear cufflinks, so as not to stain the sleeve of his shirt. Grab a shirt with double cuffs and put them on, tuck one cuff so that it was possible to combine four slots. Take one stud, turn buckle perpendicular to the cuff. Carefully thread it through all the slots from the front side of the shirt to the wrong, the clasp forward. Fix the stud, returning the clasp to its original position. The same manipulations done with the second cuff link.
If you could not wear the cufflinks alone, ask someone who wears them to show you how it's done. Or ask to put on and fasten them to the cuffs of your shirt.