Find a suitable shirt. With studs you can wear only shirts with double French cuffs – they have slightly longer sleeves. Do not buy instances equipped with both buttons and holes for cufflinks – if you want to wear both, get two different shirts. Choose from cotton of the best quality that you can afford. If you want to save, look for shirts in the departments of sales specialty stores – in a season where you can buy excellent model semidesyatiletnego discount.
Choose the right cufflinks. If you intend to wear them exclusively in a business setting, can be limited to one pair. Too expensive copies with inlays of precious stones in the office look out of place. Prefer discreet models of brushed gold, platinum, polished metal. They should be small, flat, inconspicuous. Formal dress implies a more prominent cufflinks with monograms, logos, brands, possible insertion of opaque semi-precious stones or mother of pearl.
Today, cufflinks can be worn in an informal setting. Pick a plaid or printed shirt accessories fancy shapes - plaited silk cord, carved from bone or hard wood. Very interesting will look comic cufflinks in the form of animal heads, miniature chess boards, Golf balls and other details alluding to your tastes or Hobbies. Shirts include studs, can be worn with jeans and a simple single breasted jacket or plain knit pullover.
A great option, which has become a classic striped shirt, buttoned cuff-links with coats of arms or coins. Add a blazer and silk scarf in the neckline of the shirt is the image of the gentleman of leisure ready.
Learn how and easy to wear a shirt with cuff-links. Her cuffs should protrude from the jacket sleeve a little more than regular shirts with buttons. However, do not pull the cuffs at full length – the cuff should be visible only on the arm, bent at the elbow. If you wear a shirt with a pullover, a little modernite his sleeve, showing the cuff in all its glory. Be sure to rehearse in front of a mirror – you have to look a little sloppy, but in any case not sloppy.
Think about the design of the neck shirts. In a business setting required tie appropriate suit colors. In the evening it is possible to replace silk plantroom, stabbed to death with safety pin, made of the same material as the cuff links. With a sweater, or club jacket wear a shirt without a tie, unbuttoned a few top buttons, or tie round neck slim woolen or cotton handkerchief.