The types of belts

Any accessories of various. So, belts are of several types. The main of them is leather. Genuine leather not only looks expensive, it is of excellent quality. This belt will last for years. Usually they are given a warranty for three years.

Style casual long become prevalent in big cities. Belts in this style chooses mostly young people, tired of the formality and the classical framework. Picking up the belt to the jeans, don't forget about the variety of modern materials. They can be rubber, plastic, fabric. The key to this belt buckle. It can be small or massive. Sometimes it's just a matte square, and often the logo of the fashion brand. It is important that you choose a real brand or a belt or a badge with no apparent signs of fashion. After all, if this is an obvious fake, the belt looks ridiculous and cheap.

For lovers of sneakers and unusual t-shirts there are sports straps. They are typically made of fabric and may contain elements of sports brands. It is durable and practical accessory.

The combination of colors

Shade of the belt should be in harmony with other garments. For example it looks when it matches the color of the boots or shoes. The combination of the strap with the bag is also advantageous.

Leather belts can match the color of the watchband. This nuance is rarely observed, but careful people can see such commitment to excellence. The plaque on the belt sometimes is chosen for the metal dial.

To pick up the belt to the jeans, you need to remember about the main colors used. Classics are black and brown shades. In recent times the popularity of the red color. It looks vintage and makes the image brighter. Especially good this shade looks on blue and blue jeans. White belts, fashionable in the past decade, is no longer relevant.

Dark and light jeans can't be worn with one strap. Versatility is not always good. Remember that the dark belts is unacceptable to wear with jeans, bright colors, such as beige, cream, white. It's bad manners.


The choice of belt for jeans implies conformity to the size. Too long a belt will fit, as its end will be awkward to hang on a belt. Mesh sizes of belts from 36 starts and ends 52 number. They correspond to hip size is from 90 to 155 cm